Dues Payment

To pay your dues by credit card, click the "Pay Now" button, and enter the below amount.

  • $102.56 - dues *


Donations can be either one-time or recurring monthly. Click on the "Donate" button and enter the amount you wish to donate, and optionally select "Make this a monthly donation". *

Life Member in Perpetuity (LMIP)

NOTE: the cost of a LMIP is 25 times annual amount in 2020, contact the Lodge secretary to get the current cost.

  • Become a Life Member in Perpetuity (LMIP)

  • You no longer pay annual dues, so future dues increases will not affect you.

  • Your Lodge will receive an assessment credit from Grand Lodge every year forever, even after you pass to the Celestial Lodge.

  • You receive a permanent membership card, certificate, and a LMIP lapel pin.

Visit the Grand Lodge of Virginia website for additional information on the LMIP program.

Estate Planning

The following language may be inserted into your Will making a Bequest to the Lodge. Your generosity will assist Fairfax Lodge No. 43 to continue supporting Freemasonry.

"I hereby bequeath to Fairfax Lodge No. 43, located at 209 E Davis St, Culpeper, Virginia, the sum of (____% of my estate) or ($____dollars)."

* Fees

Credit card convenience fee of 2.2% plus 30 cents are included in the total.

Lodge dues are $102.56 - plus credit card processing fees.

You can use this fee calculator. (Be sure to change the rate under "Fee Rate (monthly sales)" to "2.2% + $.30"

To avoid the fee, make your payment by check.